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Nichigo G-Tape™

Nichigo G-Tape™ is a very high quality tape that has been sold in Japan for over 30 years and is now available in the US.  Manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical in Japan, all Nichigo G-Tape™ products feature a patened combination of solvent acrylic adhesive with an advanced backing substrate that results in unmatchable performance. Nichigo G-Tape™ is a P.S.A. tape (pressure sensitive adhesive) so applying pressure to Nichigo G-Tape™ is recommended for maximum performance. 

Choose The Right Product

When deciding on what tape to purchase one has to ask “what do I want this tape to do?”

Do you want a tape that can be cleanly removed at some point without leaving a residue behind? Do you want a tape that can be used outdoors and exposed to weather for many months? Or do you want a permanent bond that can offer protection to a building for many decades?

Nichigo G-Tape™ offers a complete line of tapes for construction including surface protection tape, seam tape, HVAC tape, and Acrylic Flashing.


When you choose Nichigo G-Tape™ for the job you will be buying the very best. 

Nichigo G-Tape™ Construction, Industrial, Institutional and Consumer Series Products

1009GR Green 2" x 164'

1009CL Clear 2" x 164'

2010BL Blue 2" x 164'

2010BE Beige 2" x 164'

2010RE Red 2" x 164'

2010YE Yellow 2" x 164'

1008SW Snow White 2" x 82'

2010GD Gold 2" x 164'

2010AL Silver 2" x 82'

9014CL Clear Double Sided 2" x 65'


Nichigo G-Tape™ Construction Series Products


3040BK Black 2" x 65'

3040BK Black 4" x 65'

3040BK Black 6" x 65'

3040BK Black 9" x 65'

3040BK Black 12" x 65'

Nichigo G-Tape™ Acrylic Flashing Tape features advanced backing substrate for exceptional performance in the most extreme environments.

  • Ultra High performance in all temperatures

  • Hand tearable

  • Releases from face/face contact with no loss of adhesion. 

  • AAMA 7-11-13 Level 3 Type A – Highest rating – No primer needed

  • Lighter weight than Butyl or Asphalt Flashings 

  • -20° - +200° F Service temperature

  • Repositionable

  • Very low total VOC’s

  • High chemical and solvent resistance.

  • 300 day exposure

  • Also excellent as joist protection for decks. 

SEAMING AND BUILDING WRAP TAPE - 2020, 3030 & 9030 Series

3030BK Black 2" x 65'

3030WH White 2" x 65'

9030BK Black Double Sided 2" x 65'

9030BK Black Double Sided 1" x 65'

2020SB Housewrap Tape 2" x 164'

2020SB Housewrap Tape 3" x 164'

Nichigo G-Tape™ Seaming tapes are designed to offer outstanding performance under all conditions. 


3030 series tape offer the highest performance rated seaming tape available. Extreme permanent adhesion to the most difficult surfaces combined with long term bonding demonstrated by accelerated aging tests, Hand tearable for faster installation.

9030 series tape offers the same aggressive adhesion in a double sided tape that can be used to seal building wrap overlaps and can also be used by other trades including hardwood flooring installation.

2020 series tapes are designed to out perform all house wrap and general purpose seaming tapes on the market. Much greater strength and adhesion than standard tapes with versatility to be used as alternative to any duct tape. 2020 series tapes are also available at competitive pricing compared to standard seaming tapes.